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QNX Solutions

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Speed Your QNX-Based Device to Market 

For decades, manufacturers have relied on QNX technology to power mission-critical systems in many industries -- including medical devices, automotive, industrial, and communications systems.  These systems share an unmatched reputation for operating non stop.  QNX sets the standard for reliability, fault tolerance and scalability.


However, it can be difficult for development teams to take full advantage of this robust operating system.

Leverage Bsquare's Extensive Experience and Expertise

Extensive QNX expertise: Bsquare development teams have deep QNX knowledge and expertise -- having authored several BPSs directly for QNX.  In addition Bsquare developers have early access to new QNX technologies. We are also a QNX-certified training partner.


Quality systems excellence: All QNX projects are designed under ISO 9001:2008 -- helping ensure a high-quality implementation.  We are also ISO13485 certified for medical device development.


Understanding of QNX components: Our experts know the ins and outs of each QNX version and component.  They can work with you to determine which are most appropriate for your application.


Bsquare QNX development teams provide end-to-end development solutions that include

  • Requirements capture and performance analysis
  • Hardware selection
  • BSP porting
  • Custom device driver creation
  • Database design
  • Complete custom application specification, implementation and deployment
  • Quality management
  • Quality documentation
  • Application test harnesses
  • Translation/Internationalization

Bsquare has developed QNX-based systems for many industries -- including

  • Medical devices including primary life support, in vitro and healthcare & lifestyle products
  • Automotive infotainment and telematics, including QNX CAR projects
  • Safety critical / SIL devices
  • Industrial systems
  • Networking and gateway products

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