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Bsquare helps bring smart connected devices to market

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Forging Smart Connections

At Bsquare, we help bring deep connections to life. With embedded and mobile solutions that enable the creation of smart connected devices—devices that allow people to communicate and collaborate in modern, meaningful ways. It’s an ability borne from our many years of tackling the biggest challenges, and helping to create some of the most sophisticated devices.


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The mobile and embedded systems experts

Bsquare, a global leader in embedded solutions, applies experience and expertise on leading platforms to create new connections with customers, new business models and to enable new ways of working and communicating. Bsquare serves customers by forging connections among the partners, people, tools and technology needed to create smart connected devices. 

Collaborating at all stages of the product development lifecycle

Bsquare partners across ecosystems, forging a unique combination of world-class professional services with essential hardware, software and licensing resources to enable smart connected devices that are reliable and valuable to end-users, and successful for our customers. 

Accelerating time-to-market

With our in-depth knowledge of operating systems and silicon technology, expertise in all stages of device development, time-saving solutions and licensing knowledge, we can help you rapidly and efficiently take your smart device from concept to market.