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Bsquare helps bring smart connected devices to market

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Forging Smart Connections

Bsquare is a global leader of embedded software solutions.  We enable smart connected systems at the device level and beyond that millions use every day and provide actionable data solutions for the growing Internet of Things (IoT)market.  We empower our world-class customers with our products, services and solutions to achieve innovation and success.

  • We are confident without being arrogant.
  • We don't sell widgets, we provide solutions.
  • We are customer-centric.
  • We are open, accessible and responsive.
  • We focus on benefits, not features.
  • We are clear and concise. Period.

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The IoT and embedded systems experts

Bsquare applies experience and expertise on leading platforms to create new connections with customers, new business models and to enable new ways of working and communicating. We serve our customers by forging connections among the partners, people, tools and technology needed to create smart connected devices and to deliver desired business outcomes with our IoT solutions. 

Collaborating at all stages of the product development lifecycle

Bsquare partners across ecosystems, forging a unique combination of world-class professional services with essential hardware, software and licensing resources to enable smart connected devices and IoT solutions that are reliable and valuable for our customers. 

Accelerating time-to-market

With our in-depth knowledge of operating systems and silicon technology, expertise in all stages of device development, time-saving solutions and licensing knowledge, we can help you rapidly and efficiently take your smart device or IoT data project from concept to market.