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Security Software for Devices

Bsquare offers McAfee Embedded Control software (formerly Solidcore Systems) for your device.  Through our partnership with McAfee, the world's largest dedicated security technology company, Bsquare delivers secure, low maintenance devices that customers can trust.  Now device manufacturers benefit from increased flexibility in software selection, faster time-to-market and reduced ongoing in-field support.

McAfee Embedded Security is a low footprint, low overhead security software solution for devices that runs transparently and protects against security risks; it also eliminates the need for anti-virus software and constant patching.  The solution runs on multiple operating systems including Windows Embedded for a range of devices including:

  • Point of Sale terminals - ATMs
  • Medical - MRI, CT-scan
  • Thin-clients
  • Storage appliances
  • Industrial plant controllers
  • Gaming
The McAfee Embedded Security Software solution addresses the following typical business requirements:
  • Security - zero-day threats, un-patchable, performance sensitive
  • Compliance - HIPAA/FDA, NGC, PCI, PCIATM
  • Operational Control - internal threats, supportability, unapproved changes

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