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Extending the Reach of Intelligent Systems

A strong and long-standing relationship with Microsoft affords Bsquare an unparalleled depth of expertise in Windows-based embedded and mobile devices. Bsquare offers the products, services, licensing and support needed to deliver the highest-quality Windows-based devices. Bsquare and Microsoft collaborate at a uniquely high level. Bsquare has years of experience working on Windows Embedded products, including Windows Mobile® and its underlying Windows CE operating system, began in 1994 as an engineering consultant to Microsoft and its first authorized smartphone integrator. Today, Bsquare has one of the largest teams of experienced Windows CE engineers outside of Microsoft.


Bsquare has a close relationship with Microsoft. It's continued over the years as both a Microsoft Windows Embedded Systems Integrator and distributor of Windows Embedded licensing. We are a Windows Embedded Gold-Level Partner and were named Microsoft's Windows Embedded Systems Integrator of the Year for 2000, 2001, 2002, 2006 and 2008, as well as Partner of the Year in 2008 and Distributor of the Year in 2011. Additionally, Bsquare is a Value Added Provider (VAP) of Microsoft Embedded Licensing in North America. Our Windows Embedded Training Center offers Microsoft Certified training classes and provides training curriculum for Microsoft.


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