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DataV features a host of applications to address specific, critical business use cases. Many significant business benefits can be realized using IoT, the most beneficial are those that drive down operational costs through more efficient and effective use of critical business assets or increase revenue through improved customer interaction and even entirely new services. DataV, designed to address complex IoT needs of industrial organizations, helps companies gain business benefit by supporting key use cases: predictive failure, adaptive diagnostics, IoT device management, condition-based maintenance, and asset utilization.


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DataV Predict – Modeling of equipment behavior and monitoring of the real-time environment to identify a future failure event

DataV Repair – Automated evaluation of fault codes and operating parameters resulting in an optimized repair plan that adapts to current conditions

DataV Manage – Lifecycle management of IoT devices, including provisioning, inventory, software updates, and configuration

DataV Maintain – Determination of tailored maintenance schedules for managed equipment based on actual usage and external factors

DataV Optimize – Performance improvement based on data models that can be used in offline mode for simulation or online mode for comparative analysis

DataV Track – Real-time usage information from managed assets that can inform product design or maintain compliance in regulated environments

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