Optimizing Industrial Assets Through IoT

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 | 9:00AM PT/12:00 PM ET

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Webinar Details

Duration: 1 hour (Includes Q&A)

It is hard to understate the potential upside connected assets and IoT technologies offers for industrial businesses. IoT-enabled industrial asset optimization represents a significant opportunity to extract amazing business value from data insights.

This webinar will highlight how organizations stand to realize enormous benefit from optimizing quality, yield, and inventory as well as how they can further enhance operational consistency by utilizing edge computing to automate remediation. 

Our IoT and data science experts will also discuss how to lay the groundwork for optimization, how Microsoft Azure IoT as a key component to building a solution, as well as insights on the business drivers and implementing your solution – including: 

Benefits of incorporating IoT edge and cloud capabilities

Identifying uses cases and planning your solution



Why the problem with your data is your data

Creating an optimization baseline 

Dave McCarthy
VP of IoT Solutions - Bsquare

Dave McCarthy is a leading authority on industrial IoT. As vice president at Bsquare Corporation, he advises Fortune 1000 customers on how to integrate device and sensor data with their enterprise systems to improve business outcomes. 

Meet the Speakers


Building a solution

Practical Examples

Sathish Ravichandran
Machine Learning Engineer - Bsquare

Sathish helps companies implement IoT initiatives by building scalable software platforms to deploy various stages of the data science process – such as pre-processing and feature engineering – in production.

He also develops machine learning models in serverless architecture to generate real-time predictions and enhance data processing efficiency. Sathish runs the School of AI, Seattle and holds an MS from the University of Washington.


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