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​​Security & Management for Embedded Systems

Faronics software solutions help manage and secure embedded devices and systems. These products work to ensure 100% system or device availability and free up support teams from tedious technical support and software issues.

Bsquare distributes and supports Faronics Deep Freeze and Faronics Anti-Executable to embedded device manufacturers.  These software products work on x86-based embedded systems to ensure device and application availability, enable management, increase security, and free up support teams from tedious technical support and software issues.

Faronics Anti-Executable offers protection from sophisticated threats like zero-day attacks, mutating malware, and advanced persistent threats. It’s an application control solution that uses a default deny approach to block the unknown threats that can by-pass your anti-virus solution. Anti-Executable accelerates productivity with standardized configuration, central management, and reduced support tickets. It also assists with compliance readiness, saving organizations time and money.

Faronics Deep Freeze provides the ultimate protection for embedded devices by preserving the desired computer configuration and settings. Deep Freeze preservers the original configuration of embedded devices, ensuring 100% availability while reducing support tickets. With a simple reboot of the device, the original configuration is restored, ensuring integrity is maintained, helping devices to run smoothly and efficiently and resulting in more up-time.

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