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​Datalight FlashFX Tera 

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​Simplify the Complexities of Flash Memory Management

Today's rich, complex, embedded applications require sophisticated memory management that frees developers from the volatility and constraints of a single-source flash memory driver.

FlashFX Tera 2.1 is a flash memory manager with multi-threaded flash drivers that provide efficient use of resources along with superior wear-leveling, bad block management, garbage collection and error correction and detection that extend flash life.

With support for over 300 flash parts from all major vendors, FlashFX Tera also enables on-the-fly second-sourcing of flash and provides design flexibility and extensibility with support for all types of raw NAND.

Key Benefits of FlashFX Tera

  • Provides support for over 300 flash parts
  • Supports NOR, ClearNAND and MLC NAND flash technologies as well as Windows Embedded Compact 7, VxWorks and the Freescale i.MX 51 processor
  • Makes flash memory look like a conventional disk
  • Atomic sensor writes provide strong reliability
  • Static + dynamic wear leveling algorithms -- designed to promote consistent device wear and longer lifetimes
  • Configurable background compaction to suit your device needs
  • Works with native file systems as well as Datalight Reliance Nitro

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