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​Datalight Reliance Nitro File System

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​Architected for Reliability, Optimized for Performance

Datalight® Reliance™ Nitro 2.5 is a transactional file system created specifically for embedded devices where power loss may occur, protecting critical system and user data from corruption. It ensures rock-solid data reliability while at the same time providing the performance needed to create an optimal user experience.


Reliance Nitro works with a broad array of storage media – including flash memory, RAM, hard disk, USB mass storage, SD/MMC, and e•MMC – and virtually any 32-bit operating system.

Designed to meet the responsiveness needs of devices storing large numbers of files, Reliance Nitro high performance file system improves the speed of file and directory access by several orders of magnitude, while delivering rock-solid reliability. The unique combination of tree-based directory architecture, extent based design, and faster atomic transactions, gives a performance benefit for I/O throughput and metadata operations. Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology gives developers unprecedented control over file system operations.

A tree-based transactional file system gives Reliance Nitro its characteristic fast performance on file operation speeds for volumes with a large number of files.  A tree-based file system will perform better than a linear one, with a performance benefit for I/O throughput and metadata operations.

Key Benefits of Reliance Nitro

  • Dynamic Transaction PointTM technology provides control of performance
  • Extent-based file system
  • Atomic transaction model protects user data and meta data from corruption
  • Boots more quickly and consistently than FAT or journaling file systems
  • Replaces or coexists with other file systems
  • Offers a performance enhancing discard interface for NAND and NOR; supports HDD, RAM, Disk-on-chip
  • Pre-ported versions available for: Linux, Microsoft Windows CE, Microsoft and Windows Mobile

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