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​McAfee Application Control

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​Reduce Risk From Unauthorized Applications

Gain stronger control of endpoints, servers, and fixed devices. Advanced persistent threats via remote attack or social engineering make it increasingly difficult to protect your devices. This centrally managed whitelisting solution uses a dynamic trust model and innovative security features that block unauthorized applications and foil advanced persistent threats—without labor-intensive lists to manage.
McAfee Application Control software provides complete protection from unwanted applications and code—blocking advanced threats without requiring signature updates. It lets you consistently enable the known good, block the known and unknown bad, and properly administer new software. Our dynamic whitelisting trust model reduces costs by eliminating expensive manual support requirements associated with other whitelisting technologies.
Application Control provides the means to achieve complete security through whitelisting.

Key Features of McAfee Application Control

  • Dynamic Whitelisting – Whitelisting is a fairly simple yet effective concept. You create a list of trusted programs required for day to day operations. You let them run and nothing else. So when a new unknown advanced threat tries to run it cannot because its not on the whitelist. We call our whitelisting Dynamic because you can configure it such that the whitelist will grow dynamically when systems are patched and updated. So there is no hassle of manual updates to the whitelist.
  • Memory Protection – It helps ensure that the whitelisted programs which might contain some inherent vulnerabilities cannot be exploited through a buffer overflow or other means. Without this feature complex threats would be able to circumvent whitelisting.
  • File Reputation – What if you’ve accidentally whitelisted a piece of malware, wont your whitelist be contaminated forever? That’s where this feature helps. It cross-checks the whitelist on every system with McAfee’s GTI. GTI or Global Threat Intelligence is McAfee's Cloud based knowledge of reputation of files. After cross-checking with GTI you will know whether the files in your whitelist are worthy to be whitelisted or not.

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