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​McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite

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​Secure Embedded Devices Against Real-Time Malware and Unauthorized Devices

Traditional desktops and fixed systems within your LAN probably have layers of gateway or network security to protect them. Yet they still need essential security to block advanced malware, control data loss and compliance risks caused by removable media, and provide safe access to critical email and web applications. The McAfee® Endpoint Protection Suite integrates these core functions into a single, manageable environment ideal for safeguarding traditional desktops and other systems that have limited exposure to Internet threats.

Key Features:

  • Platform Context - A single platform to secure Desktops to Datacenters
  • Threat Context - Security technology from Chip to Cloud
  • Contextual Awareness across Data, Devices and Applications
  • Unified policy layer for full Contextual Visibility and Protection

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