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​Windows Embedded Server

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​Lower Support Costs

The Microsoft Embedded Server family includes a wide variety of dedicated server and server appliance solutions featuring 15-year support life cycle to lower maintenance costs. Key benefits for OEMs that qualify to use Microsoft Embedded Server products in place of general-purpose Microsoft Server products are:

  • Lower support costs because of 15-year support life cycle
  • Higher product ROI because of lower license pricing for Embedded Server products
  • Ability to leverage any feature available in general-purpose server products to build compelling, differentiated client/server solutions

Features of Popular Microsoft Embedded Server Products

Specialized Server​
Life Cycle​

Windows Server 2008 for Embedded Systems / Windows Server 2003 for Embedded Systems​

​Based on the same software as the general purpose version of Windows Server 2008/2003 

New features in 2008 include:
  • Small footprint: Server Core
  • Virtualization: Hyper-V
  • Security: BitLocker
  • Manageability: Powershell


​15-year product life (Distribution for WS 2008 ends 2/26/2023; WS2003 ends 5/28/2018)

Windows SQL Server 2012 for Embedded Systems / Windows SQL Server 2008 / Windows SQL Server 2005 for Embedded Systems​

​Based on the same software as the general purpose version of SQL Server 2012/2008/2005

New features in 2012 include:
  • StreamInsight support
  • PowerPivot support
  • Virtualization support

15-year product life (Distribution for SQL 2008 ends 7/31/2023; SQL 2005 ends 1/30/2020)

Windows® Unified Data Storage Server 2003 (WUDSS) for Embedded Systems / Windows® Storage Server 2003 R2 for Embedded Systems​

​New features in WUDDS include:
Microsoft iSCSI Software Target
Out-of-box experience system management interface

​15-year product life



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