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​Windows Embedded Standard 7

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Innovative, Rich User Experiences

Use Windows Embedded Standard 7 to unlock your vision for embedded device solutions that leverage high-performance, highly reliable customer-ready Windows 7 technologies and deliver innovative and rich user experiences and seamless connections. Windows Embedded Standard 7 features allow you to focus on your core competencies, building a differentiated device, rather than investing in platform development.


Windows Embedded Standard delivers the power, familiarity, and reliability of the Windows operating system in componentized form.

Windows Embedded Standard 7 features:

  • Support for x86 and x64 processor architectures

  • Image Build Wizard (IBW) and the Image Configuration Editor (ICE)

  • Componentization to help build specialized devices quickly

  • Applications compatibility: applications and drivers for Windows 7 work with on Windows Embedded Standard 7 without difficult, expensive and time-consuming porting efforts

  • Enterprise network integration and increased interoperability and compatibility with server enables enterprise connectivity and manageability

  • Windows Aero, Windows Touch and Gesture enable building of rich, interactive user experiences

  • Windows 7 power management stack gives user the ability to build 'green' solutions