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​Windows Mobile Licensing

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​Windows Mobile Licensing Strategies

Bsquare is the first worldwide distributor supporting Microsoft's new Windows Mobile licensing strategy. Bsquare delivers Windows Mobile licensing, technical support, training and engineering services to OEMs so that these device makers can successfully develop and ship Windows Mobile devices for consumer and business markets.

What is Windows Mobile?

The Windows Mobile operating system, based on Windows CE, is Microsoft's operating system for OEMs building devices like Smartphones and data collection terminals requiring "out of the box" mobile GSM or CDMA radio connectivity.

The Bsquare Difference

As a Windows Mobile distributor, Bsquare delivers OEMs key advantages:

  • Licensing expertise: Bsquare has distributed Windows Embedded products and licenses in North America since 1994 and offers personalized account management and highly-responsive technical support

  • Windows Mobile technical competency:  The Bsquare engineering service group has engaged with OEMs such as Arima, Casio, CCI, CReTE, Foxconn, Juniper Systems, Honeywell, IAC, Opticon, and Unitech on Windows Mobile projects, delivering porting and testing services for Windows Mobile BSPs, and developing applications and preparing devices for LTK testing

  • Windows Mobile logo testing support: Comprehensive quality assurance services from Bsquare helps OEMs prepare for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Logo Testing, which enables Microsoft to assure a uniform user experience and consistent branding across all Windows Mobile devices

  • Global business presence: Bsquare delivers support, training and services worldwide with global development, sales and support centers

  • Value-add products: Windows Mobile 6.5 BSP for the TI OMAP3 EVM, Adobe Flash Lite, SDIO Hx, Datalight Reliance Nitro and FlashFx Tera and TestQuest


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