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Hexagon DSP Access Program


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Accelerate development of software systems for multimedia applications 

The HexagonTM DSP Access Program, provides participating original equipment manufacturers and Independent Software Vendors with resources that allow for enablement and optimization of features and performance of multimedia software for execution on Qualcomm Snapdragon platforms. Bsquare has created an engineering team to support the ecosystem of OEMs and ISVs participating in the Hexagon Access Program.

As a Hexagon DSP Access Partner Bsquare provides custom DSP programming services to members of the program who are developing on the S3 MSM8660 platform and select Snapdragon S4 processors including the APQ8064, MPQ8064, MPQ8062. Bsquare will provide these members of the program with services that support and optimize their technologies for use with the Qualcomm DSP and Snapdragon platforms.  Bsquare services include:

  • Hexagon support for new multimedia codecs and associated algorithms

  • Assistance in the design, development, & implementation of custom Hexagon modules

  • Integration and optimization of customer specific multimedia codec platforms

  • Integration and optimization of additional multimedia post processing features (audio, imaging, speech, video, other)

  • Pre-test and validation support and services

Bsquare is extending the development work the company is already delivering for our customers who are utilizing the Snapdragon-based MDP and DragonBoard programs. Participation in the Hexagon Access Program is natural extension of Bsquare services to the Qualcomm ecosystem and helps accelerate the development of software systems for multimedia applications.


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