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Snapdragon Mobile Development Platforms


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Develop, Test, Optimize and Showcase Your Android Applications

Mobile Development Platforms or MDPs provides application developers and device manufacturers with early access to a high-performance Android platform for developing, testing, optimizing and showcasing applications and games for a wide range of pre-commercial devices. MDPs are available in multiple form factors including smartphone and tablet.


The newest MDPs are based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 (8974) processor by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.  It has been released in both a tablet and smartphone form factor by Bsquare. With access to Android 4.2 and complete with asynchronous quad-core Krait 400 CPUs, this latest MDP based on Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon 800 processor will also include an Adreno™ 330 GPU, Hexagon™ v5 QDSP6 and other advanced multimedia technologies.

An essential tool for developers, component suppliers, manufacturers, operators and other industry participants, this MDP features integrated hardware and software, which aids in simplifying and accelerating development efforts. In addition, this MDP will provide users the ability to test and optimize applications and devices prior to commercial device deployment.
The smartphone form factor for this MDP features a 4.3” 720p HD multi-touch display, while the tablet form factor version features an 11.6” 1080p HD multi-touch display. Both of these form factors also feature UltraHD/4K video support via HDMI output and are one of the first mobile development platforms to include both USB 3.0, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi for quick file transfers, and streaming rates up to 1.3Gbps. For a full list of features and specifications, download the datasheet.  


Need help with your Android development project?  Bsquare can assist with products and services supporting Android application development, automated software and hardware testing and user interface development solutions.

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