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Platform Software Testing


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Increase Quality and Reduce Development Time

Why invest in automated quality assurance testing? Because automated means testing is repeatable, consistent and documented enabling the production of best-on-the-market devices.


Why invest in quality assurance testing with Bsquare? The Bsquare quality assurance practice team is comprised of independent engineers focused on testing from prototype to production and from platform to driver. With support from Bsquare, device manufacturers and application developers can deliver the results needed to deploy the most reliable products on the market by using the proven, Bsquare quality assurance process. 

Key Bsquare testing capabilities

  • Platform Validation (CE, Android CTS)
  • Platform Test Development (CETK, CTS or Native)
  • Middleware/API Test Development (aka White box testing)
  • Unit Level Testing
  • Manual Application Validation
  • User Scenarios, requirements, functional & performance
  • TestQuest UI Automation Test Development
  • User Scenarios, requirements, functional & some performance
  • Android OS device testing
  • Windows Mobile Testing
  • Windows Mobile Logo Pre-Certification (aka LTK)
  • Stability Lab
  • Stress (aka MTBF, MTTF), Reliability

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