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Pre-validated WES7 Images

Program Overview

The Bsquare System Builder Program enables System Builders developing on AOpen systems to easily leverage Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) with pre-validated images for the following systems, which are ideal for powering the next generation of smart device solutions such as digital signage, retail point-of-service, digital surveillance and more:

  • DE5100, DE67
  • MP65
  • WT22M-RH

With a unique combination of targeted technology, technical support and professional services, Program participants can be prepared to face the key technical and business issues faced by System Builders today, including:

  • Lower OS platform cost in relation to underlying hardware components
  • Requirement for lower power/green solutions with reduced footprints
  • Improved security
  • Easier product activation

Program Benefits

This Bsquare program bridges the divide between traditional PCs and the next generation of smart devices by bringing the power of Windows Embedded to vertical market solutions and smart devices.  Favorable pricing and licensing options from Microsoft's leading Windows Embedded distributor, Bsquare, enable System Builders to get to market faster and with less risk.

Getting Started

Contact Bsquare sales today to learn how you can aggressively grow your market presence beyond the traditional PC desktop.  Program participants receive:

  • Windows Embedded Standard 7 run-time OS image, custom-built and validated by Bsquare for an eligible AOpen system
  • Bsquare installation utility and documentation
  • Access to a variety of free and paid Bsquare technical support and knowledge base resources for WES7

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