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Linux Kickstart


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Real-world Linux Development Experience

The Bsquare Kickstart for embedded Linux is a combination of consulting and training delivered by experienced expert embedded Linux engineers. Course participants work on their own embedded product with the assistance of an embedded Linux consultant who provides hands-on training support that is an immersion in real world Linux development.

Embedded Linux

Embedded device designers and manufacturers that are moving to embedded Linux as their device’s OS are motivated by several factors:

  • The complexity of modern peripherals and SoC components that lend themselves to having a mature OS and driver frameworks
  • Silicon vendors increasingly moving over to Linux-only driver support and example code
  • Rich peripheral sets becoming ubiquitous in modern consumer electronics
  • Reduced cost of complex high end SoC devices
  • The advantages of using open source applications and libraries  

Some of the common problems faced by companies moving to embedded Linux are: 

  • Diverse nature and multiplicity of Linux source code, knowledge and documentation
  • Difficulty having confidence that architecture/design is on the right path
  • Learning curve and complexity of current open source revision control and collaboration tools such as GIT

The Bsquare Solution

The Bsquare Linux Kickstart enables developers to deliver high quality solutions to market with training tailored to the needs of the individual coupled with consulting services that meet the exact requirements of your project. Kickstarts may include:

  • SwiftBoot
  • GIT
  • Android
  • DSP and video/audio acceleration engines
  • QT GUI & graphics
  • Real-time Linux
  • RTAI/Xenomai Real-time extensions

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