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​Windows 8 Training

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​Excel in New Environments

Bsquare has created a series of training courses that will give your team the boost needed to adapt to and excel in this new environment. These courses prepare and position development teams for success developing with Windows 8.

Students will:

  • Understand the differences between previous platforms and Windows 8
  • Know how to leverage their current embedded expertise for Windows 8
  • Learn key Windows 8 developer skill sets
  • Gain hands-on experience
  • Understand Windows 8 best practices Capitalize on new Windows 8 capabilities
  • Be empowered to deliver the results your organization needs in a Windows 8 environment


Windows 8 Technology Overview
This course provides an overview of the differences between Windows 8 and the current Phone 7 and CE operating systems. This course is an ideal way to prepare your team to successfully create devices with the Windows 8 operating system.
Participants will:
  • Understand what to expect from Windows 8
  • Learn how to leverage existing knowledge to prepare for device development using Windows 8
  • Understand Windows 8 basics from an embedded device perspective
  • Receive an overview of Windows 8 changes in architecture and driver model
  • Look at how applications will be developed in this new environment.
  • Experience working with Windows 8 in hands-on labs
Course length: 1 day
Windows 8 Driver Development
In this comprehensive course we present the important Windows 8 driver content used for successful development in a Windows 8 environment. Our experts guide students through features and function to understand the differences coming in Windows 8. Students dive into the inner workings of the Windows Driver Foundation and learn best practices to create quality device drivers in Windows 8.
Participants will:
  • Create UMDF and KMDF drivers
  • Learn the theory and essentials of a fully functional Windows 8 driver
  • Have their app tested on actual hardware creating a debug environment
  • Obtain the knowledge and confidence to build a robust, fully tested driver for the Windows 8 platform
Course length: 2.5 days
Creating Apps in Windows 8
This course immerses students into Windows Runtime or WinRT, Microsoft’s new programming model that creates the backbone of apps for Windows 8. Understanding this framework and architecture is essential for developing applications and creating rich user experiences in this environment.
Participants will
  • Learn about applications on Windows 8
  • Gain understanding of basic architecture
  • Participate in hands-on lab sessions Develop, write and debug applications using
  • Visual Studio
Course length: 2.5 days
Windows 8 Testing Best Practices
This course provides a technical dive into the inner workings of the testing tools and procedures for testing applications and drivers created for Windows 8. Participants will create drivers and applications that they will test using the various tools which Microsoft has provided in Visual Studio 11.
Participants will
  • Understand the methods and requirements needed to pass these tests
  • Learn best practices for testing devices throughout the development process
  • Learn how to prepare for the independent testing required to go to market
  • Gain hands-on time with Microsoft’s testing and debugging tools in Bsquare computer labs
Course length: 2.5 days

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