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Deliver Innovative High-Quality Systems  

Today’s set-top boxes do far more than connect television viewers to content providers and distributors. They are becoming a portal for streaming movies, Internet communication, social media, casual video gaming and more.

The increasing complexity of set-top boxes makes it vitally important to select the correct technology. Bsquare offers full product design, development, support and quality assurance for set-top box designers and application developers. We enable STB makers to move their products to market faster and with higher quality.

Engineering Design Support 

Bsquare engineers have a deep understanding of the technical capabilities offered by all of the major STB chipset providers – such as ST Micro, Broadcom, and Sigma Design. They can tailor the STB manufacturer’s design and functionality to take full advantage of whatever chipset is selected. 

Application Testing and Verification  

As a scaling partner with Adobe, Bsquare engineers have access to source code for Adobe® Flash®, enabling both testing and verification of set-top box makers’ Flash-based applications. Bsquare also provides custom solutions to set-top box makers using Adobe Air®, the new Adobe product that enables the use of applications without a browser. Bsquare also offers set-top box testing and verification with TestQuest 10. STB manufacturers can perform complete regression testing and verify custom UI applications, check software implementation, test program guides, verify content and more with Quality Management and Testing solutions from Bsquare.


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