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Deliver High-Performing Medical Devices

Trends within the health care industry including the growing use of intelligent equipment, protection of patient information (HIPPA), regulatory and cost containment pressures, as well as a shift toward home health care and the need to support many devices have compounded technology development challenges for medical equipment and device OEMs.


Bsquare provides engineering services, products, licensing and training to deliver complete solutions for the medical and health care industry.  Bsquare is knowledgeable on HIPPA security regulations and the critical requirement to protect medical records and healthcare data. We understand software validation issues and can create the plans needed, as well as test to ensure software adherence to those guidelines.

Medical Device Development Expertise

  • With software validation plan creation, execution and reporting
  • Meet regulatory guidelines, testing and compliance requirements with Bsquare automated testing and McAfee Embedded Security
  • Enable faster development, and add new features faster and at a reduced cost by leveraging proprietary code using Windows Embedded system components
  • Reduce the need for training resources on legacy code by developing software lifecycle plans for commercial products

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