A complete IoT software stack for business and industrial applications

DATAV (color master)

Successful IoT implementations yield better business outcomes. DataV, which is purpose-built for business and industrial IoT use-cases, positively impact businesses in a number of ways.

Yielding Better Business Outcomes

bsqr bug sm (color master)Increased Uptime: Using advanced data analytics, DataV offers predictive failure detection, which serves as an early warning system for identifying potential asset faults and taking corrective action before they occur.

bsqr bug sm (color master)Warranty Cost Reduction: By proactively identifying the nature of failures, prescribing optimal repair paths and monitoring actual warranty repair work.

bsqr bug sm (color master)Device Optimization: DataV aggregates information across large sets of assets, identifying those that are underperforming and providing prescriptive, corrective actions.

bsqr bug sm (color master)Resource Optimization: DataV has the ability to execute complete resource optimization logic directly on the asset itself.

bsqr bug sm (color master)Asset Utilization: DataV can create geo-fence zones and apply unique logic per zone or asset.  This can be used to reallocate underused assets or enforce business policies.



DataV Solution Components



Connect (green)Connect: DataV connects, through the most appropriate technology, physical assets to networks, cloud-based databases and apps.  We intelligently filter, compress or combine data sets to reduce network costs.

Monitor (green)Monitor: The data stream generated by physical assets is monitored by DataV in real-time in order to look for anomalous conditions.

Automate (green)Automate: A broad variety of automated actions may be initiated by DataV in response to anomalous conditions detected by the monitor function.  It’s important for portions of this functionality to reside to the asset to support offline scenarios.

Predict (green)Predict: Ultimately, one of the most valuable functions of any IoT platform, including DataV, is to predict failures before they occur and then take corrective action so that downtime is minimized or even eliminated.

Optimize (green) Optimize: The final step in driving better business outcomes from the data generated by physical assets is to modify the operational parameters of those assets in order to optimize efficiency and lead to improved business outcomes.