Sometimes equipment failure is unavoidable. When a revenue-generating piece of equipment is down, time is of the essence in repairing it and getting it back online. Bsquare’s holistic data analytics can speed troubleshooting and resolution by determining the probable causes and generating an optimized repair plan that outlines the required parts, technician skill level, and steps to repair. Over time, the system becomes smarter as it continually learns from diagnostic and repair information, increasing confidence in the probable cause of a failure.



  • Dynamic repair plans that learn over time
  • Shorten diagnostic time and MTTR
  • Junior technicians benefit from historical knowledge
  • Decrease service, warranty and repair costs

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Information gathered from diagnostic processes and the identification of the solution, such as pictures and steps to repair, can be integrated into other applications like equipment maintenance systems for accurate, broad dissemination. These powerful adaptive diagnostics capabilities help get equipment back online quickly to stem revenue loss, while decreasing service, warranty and repair costs. Repair centers can become more efficient, reap greater margins and limit training, staffing, and inventory expenses. More accurate and prompt warranty processing benefits both manufacturers and repair centers.