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Partner with Bsquare for IoT in 2019

As an APN Advanced Technology Partner with IoT Competency, Bsquare is well positioned to help organizations make Industrial IoT a business reality. We provide SaaS solutions, data science, and engineering services that improve the uptime, manageability, and performance of enterprise assets.

SKO Details:
• Bsquare Expo location: Kiosk 816, next to AWS Kiosks towards back of Expo
• Bsquare Briefings (Feb 19th only): Sponsor Meeting Room 201, Level 1

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Join the Bsquare team to learn about our IoT offerings for 2019, powered by AWS. Our newest Industrial IoT Multi-Tenant SaaS solution, DataV Insight, allows customers to turn data into intelligence. Built with the power and scalability of AWS, DataV Insight combines multiple AWS services, including AWS IoT Core, Kinesis, Lambda, Step Functions, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, RDS, and SageMaker, to maximize the performance and reliability of complex, industrial assets in the field.

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Bsquare + AWS Announce Collaboration to Accelerate IoT Adoption

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