Business-critical, connected assets are the lifeblood of industrial organizations. The ability to provision, control, monitor, and update software and device specific content across millions of connected assets requires scalable, secure IoT-device management. On May 1st, Bsquare announced a turnkey-solution integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT services that’s designed to help organizations rapidly on-board and manage millions of connected devices.

Bsquare’s DataV Manage application delivers comprehensive IoT device and content management by enabling near real-time, network-wide visibility into asset health, as well as two-way data communication. With it, organizations can effectively administer connected assets with extensive controls – including provisioning and inventory, as well as software, content, and configuration updates – from a centralized location. Additionally they can fully utilize their data to manage and direct any range of IoT-connected assets across the enterprise—automatically, using the modern cloud capabilities of AWS.

Together, Bsquare and AWS provide comprehensive, scalable IoT Device Management without requiring custom development or internal development resources. The solution integrates key AWS IoT services products including:

DataV Manage overcomes the complexity of managing large scale deployments by offering a functional layer on top of AWS that allows customers to focus on solving business problems rather than dealing with changes to the underlying cloud and IoT infrastructure.