Bsquare recently released the findings from its first annual IIoT Maturity Study (watch here), which explores the current IoT adoption progress of business buyers in Manufacturing, Transportation, and Oil and Gas. To discuss these results and present state of IIoT adoption, Dave McCarthy, Sr. Director of Products at Bsquare was joined by Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, and Christian Renaud, IoT Research Director at 451 Research for a 60 minute webinar. The group answered questions around how companies approach IoT projects and best practices that line-of-business managers can use to enhance IIoT scalability, accelerate innovation, and maximize ROI.

The Bsquare Maturity Survey results showed that 86% of the companies surveyed (310) had an IoT solution in place. Interestingly, of that 86% roughly half have had their solution for more than 12 months and the other half had established their solution within the past 12 months. This rapid growth is also reflected in 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise recurring study showing an increase in the average number of IoT projects actively deployed and increasing budgets dedicated to IoT. The panelists discuss these results and the driving forces that are motivating industrial organizations to deploy IoT solutions at such a rapid pace.

  • New Solutions from Existing Technology – the basic elements of technology required to deliver on industrial use cases have been around for a while. It’s only recently that companies are understanding how to combine them in ways that we now view as Industrial IoT.
  • Create ‘Centers of Excellence’ – Since IIoT is a new endeavor for most companies, they can’t fall back on prior purchasing or deployment patterns. Given how these solutions touch many aspects of the business, it requires groups to work together that wouldn’t normally interact. The Centers of Excellence act as an overlay bringing these various stakeholders together.
  • Get Executive Buy-In – The technologies available are at a maturity level where they are delivering real value, but the harder problem is getting the organizational and executive leadership buy-in as IIoT is fundamentally changing how companies deliver value to their customers.

To learn more about which industries are leading the charge in IoT, why companies are turning to IoT to gain competitive advantages, and how the cloud and advanced analytics are reinventing how industrial organizations do business, watch or download today.

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