Get to SquareOne: Our New All-in-One IoT Recovery, Upgrade, and Imaging Solution

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Here at Bsquare, we have been building imaging and recovery tools for Windows IoT embedded devices for more than a decade. When Windows 7 Embedded hit end of support in January and companies were urged to upgrade their devices to Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, we heard from our customers that upgrading the OS on their fleet of systems was difficult and costly.  

We decided to build a solution that would prevent our customers and partners from getting stuck in that bind again. 

Announcing SquareOne for Windows IoT

Today Bsquare launches SquareOne for Windows IoT, an all-in-one recovery, upgrade, and imaging solution for embedded and fixed-purpose devices such as point-of-sale kiosks, healthcare devices, digital displays, and handheld terminals.  

SquareOne offers a Windows-based agent that can receive updated Windows images from Azure Cloud or third-party device management software, letting you restore to an up-to-date recovery image or upgrade to a new version of Windows IoT. With one touch, the upgrade process can be triggered remotely or initiated by a non-technical end user.

SquareOne also allows you to recover a device’s Windows IoT OS in two ways: from hidden partition or by USB or other external media. The tool offers a GUI interface for capturing an image of a system, including the Windows operating system and any applications, and recovering it by your preferred method.

Look Ma, No Hands

An embedded device operating on Windows IoT is typically reimaged or upgraded every three years. In most cases, this means sending technicians into the field at a cost of about $200 per truck roll. A fleet of 1,000 devices can mean an extra cost of $200,000. With SquareOne, the upgrade process can now be triggered remotely or initiated by a non-technical end user.

Bsquare Understands Windows IoT

SquareOne for Windows IoT is available now for embedded devices operating on most Windows embedded operating systems, included Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro, and Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate for Embedded Systems. SquareOne is part of Bsquare’s suite of products and services for IoT, which also includes B2IQ Jumpstart for Windows IoT, an imaging and training service for teams building embedded devices on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. 

Our customers rely on us to guide them through the entire process of envisioning and building fixed-purpose IoT devices. When they ask for services like easier recovery and upgrade systems for Windows IoT, Bsquare engineers build the software for them if we can’t find it on the market. The evolution of SquareOne is a direct result of listening to our customers.

Curious to learn more? Contact us about SquareOne to understand how the solution fits with your Windows IoT-based product.