The future of edge computing, fog, and IIoT adoption looks bright as the OpenFog Consortium and the Industrial Internet Consortium merge to combine resources and gain wider influence. For those of you looking to accelerate the adoption of edge, fog, and IIoT in your own initiatives, you are in luck! Recent articles have also provided key tips for building an edge computing strategy and monetizing IoT services. So what are you waiting for? Learn how to apply these industry trends to your strategy now by reading through the top IIoT news stories below:


Robotics predictions for 2019: The impact of IoT, collaborative robots and startups – 2019 is upon us and the makers of industrial robots should carefully consider industry safety and security standards to achieve IIoT and cobot success. (Source:


Las Vegas partners with NTT to study IoT impact on transportation – What if big data and predictive analytics could prevent travel problems in your city before they happen? The city of Las Vegas has partnered with telecom giant Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Corp. to study that very idea. The two will deploy sensors across 30 city blocks to gather information about how vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians move around downtown, and then offer predictive insight into how transportation behavior is likely to occur in the future. (Source: Government Technology)

Other IIoT News

Industrial IoT, fog-networking groups merge to gain influence – The OpenFog Consortium and the Industrial Internet Consortium have merged in an effort to hasten the adoption of all things edge computing, fog and IIoT. The new group’s technical committees will continue to build out testbeds and define optimal network implementations for core vertical markets as well as horizontal features. There will also be a renewed push toward testbed validation and certification programs. (Source: Network World)

Building an edge computing strategy without leaving your network behind – Why do companies need to use edge compute? Some compute at the edge to keep data within certain geographic boundaries, while others use it to perform authentication and other security functions closer to end users. This article outlines ways to get started with edge computing today, including a video surveillance use case. (Source: ITProPortal)

Enterprise systems to monetize and bill for new IoT services – For enterprises to make money from IoT-based services, they need a way to capture data from and bill their customers for these new services. To monetize their IoT solutions, enterprises will need to meet these five requirements: customer management, service management, billing support, architecture, and ecosystem support. (Source: Network World)