The IIoT industry is moving at such a rapid pace it can be difficult to keep up with the news. Because I find and share a number of interesting articles with my colleagues internally, I thought the readers of our blog would also find them helpful. In no particular order, here are some of the key stories from this week, across several verticals embracing IIoT.


Automation is coming to cold storage supply chain – Cold storage may not be the first sector that comes to mind when thinking about industrial innovation and automation. This article highlights some of the unique IIoT uses cold storage companies are exploring to monitor temperatures inside their freezers. Some of the key benefits include preventing unnecessary contamination or spoilage and saving employees from having to check temperature twice per day. (Source:

Advancing smart manufacturing and IIoT—together or separately? Centers of excellence are something we discuss a lot around here. This article brings up an interesting point that smart manufacturing and IIoT in manufacturing may be evolving rapidly, but independent of each other. The author cites a MESA study revealing that one-third of manufacturers report they do NOT believe that smart manufacturing includes IIoT. A clear solution seems to be centers of excellence that span multiple business units in a manufacturing organization. (Source: Automation World)

Oil & Gas

The energy industry looks to the Internet of Things to cut waste and drive down emissions – We tell all of our customers to focus on specific business cases when embarking on an IIoT deployment and we’ve learned that no two industries are the same. This independent study commissioned by Inmarsat found that energy businesses are increasingly looking to leverage IoT technologies to manage and minimize the impact of their operations on the environment. (Source: Oil and Gas Technology)

Transportation & Fleet Management

How IoT is rocking the boat and revolutionizing fleet management – We tend to focus on the value IIoT brings to our customer’s bottom line, but there is greater good to be found in widespread IoT adoption, especially in the transportation space. This article highlights how IoT will open up new opportunities to create safer roads, waterways, more efficient travel and more. (Source: Pipeline Magazine)

Stay tuned for more updates from across our key verticals as we strive to provide insights into the myriad ways IIoT is driving industry forward.