At Bsquare we talk quite a bit about how IoT (aka: Internet of Things) implementations are best accomplished as in stages rather than with an ‘all or nothing’ approach. Current market research studies indicate that while a majority of companies are interested in or are in the initial planning stages related to IoT, less than 10% have begun their implementations. This means a vast majority of you haven’t even begun to harness your data for real business value, beyond simple monitoring and collection.

Implementing IoT is a collaborative effort across many groups within the organization and best accomplished as a set of steps rather than an “all or nothing” approach. It is important to look at IoT not just as a journey but a maturity progression as your organization’s needs and adoption of IoT change.

In our view, there are five distinct stages industrial organizations progress through on their way to fully realizing the benefits of IoT. You can read about the stages in this blog post. Whether your organization needs to complete all five stages depends on the desired business outcomes. Having a clear strategy, plan for execution, and an understanding of what constitutes success will help determine where your company needs to begin implementing IoT and how far it needs to go.

Breaking your IoT implementation down into stages that can be matched with your organizational needs as they grow, enables you to get started much faster.