Across a variety of industries, heavy-duty vehicles play many critical roles over a wide range of business operations. But such a demanding workload can take a heavy toll fleet performance. As the miles pile up, workhorse equipment demands greater maintenance and repair resources to stay out on the road – totaling up to 20-30 percent of a vehicle’s lifetime cost. With so much riding on these vehicles, and the premium expense necessary to keep them running, it’s no wonder that manufacturers and fleet operators are constantly looking for ways to improve performance, while maximizing ROI.

It’s this pursuit of fleet optimization that has pushed the transportation industry to embrace technology as a means to enhance operational efficiency and boost the bottom line. And employing technologies like telematics systems have provided beneficial insights around things like vehicle logistics and error codes. However, while this is a step in the right direction, these solutions still have drawbacks. Issues like overwhelming data volume and connectivity limitations severely restrict the organizational insights and benefits available to operators and manufacturers.

Fortunately, technological advances now provide solutions to these longstanding problems. As Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems continue evolving, it’s becoming exponentially easier for companies to turn fleet data into a significant business asset. With the right strategy and design, modern IIoT solutions can make every bit of information a vehicle produces accessible, manageable, and useful. Analyzed properly, with the right contextual data, transportation businesses can use this newly available information to gain insights to improve performance metrics like uptime, mean time to repair (MTTR), and vehicle error diagnosis.

That said, implementing IIoT – and attaining the organizational benefits it can provide – does not happen overnight. It’s a progression that can look different for each company, fleet operator, and vehicle manufacturer. To find out more about the advantages of IIoT in the transportation industry, as well as how to approach IIoT adoption, check out our latest eBook.