Industry Insights: Implementing IoT Solutions

Anthony Allen, Solutions Architect

In July, several Bsquare team members attended Microsoft Inspire, a partner event that brought more than 40,000 tech leaders to Las Vegas to discuss the latest innovations and advancements. We spoke with several key businesses and industry partners about the current state of IoT. We shared insights on IoT usage and implementation, discussed industry trends, and listened to predictions about future IoT needs. Here’s what we learned and how we approach delivering intelligent devices and systems that match the needs of businesses today:

IoT Requires Security

Security is critical for customers utilizing IoT. We spoke with one technology consultant who helped build hardware more than a decade ago to monitor CO levels in European Coke manufacturing facilities. Now, they need to update that hardware to keep up with modern security practices. Our team identified systems such as Microsoft’s Guardian modules using Azure Sphere as excellent resources to protect and secure their IoT devices, while also providing updates and data insights during the process.

IoT Provides Consistency

As businesses grow and networks expand, consistency is a concern. One multi-national manufacturing customer ran into a problem with software version control across locations in a dispersed equipment deployment. IoT networks can help manage operating systems remotely, and Bsquare offers tools to optimize system install and recovery in the cloud. We discussed using Azure to securely store and deliver software updates across their entire equipment population and verify all assets were running the correct version.

IoT Enables Scalability

Companies need scalable, affordable IoT solutions that fit their operating model and are appropriate for their business size and market share. We offer a suite of services that allow any business, regardless of their current system, to take advantage of intelligent devices and networks. No matter where you are in your transformation – from beginner to expert – our team of systems designers and software engineers has the experience to achieve your business objectives with secure, scalable and affordable solution