Infographic: How to purchase Windows IoT

Microsoft has been evolving Windows for IoT offerings to meet the needs of IoT device developers and businesses in the past few years. One of the most valued key attributes of licensing Windows IoT is the ability to bring devices to market quickly.

We get asked a lot regarding how to purchase Windows IoT products or about pricing for Windows IoT. In this article, we will line out the process of working with us to start building your IoT device and solutions with Windows IoT.

No business or solution is the same, so if you have any questions regarding Windows IoT (or Windows Embedded) for your company, do not hesitate to contact our experienced team.

Where do you buy Windows IoT licensing?

To start your journey in developing IoT devices or solutions with Windows IoT, you will need to reach out to a Microsoft authorized distributor.

Bsquare is a Microsoft authorized distributor for Windows IoT and has helped businesses with their Windows IoT solutions from conception to deployment for over 25 years. With our specialized embedded skills and knowledge, we can offer licensing and compliance advice, up-to-date product information, and nimble inventory management and forecasting, with aggressive pricing. Bsquare also provides direct access to Windows OS Support from Microsoft.

Getting Started with Windows IoT

To help you get started with Windows IoT, there is a process aimed at making sure your company can enjoy the strengths of Windows IoT as soon as possible. We are here to guide you through the licensing process and will provide you with the support you may need to complete it efficiently.

How to purchase Windows IoT with Bsquare in 9 steps.
1) Initial Contact
2) OS Assessment
3) Initiate CLA
4) Accept CLA
5) Download OPK
6) Development
7) Activation
8) Order COAs
9) Commercialization