Introducing secure device management with SquareOne

Built by operators for operators

We are excited to announce the release of our device management solution, SquareOne. Built on our experience helping device makers deploy and manage their connected products, SquareOne is designed to reduce operational costs, improve uptime, and increase system security.

Bsquare has long managed critical device systems for our customers. Through this experience, we noticed common themes for efficient and effective device operations. SquareOne has captured this knowledge. We learned that devices can – and should – participate in the management of the system to achieve the speed, scale, always-on, and systemic learning requirements of today’s business systems. We believe that each device can – and should – contribute to the intelligence and security of a system, rather than introduce risks or increase headaches. SquareOne not only makes these concepts possible, SquareOne makes it real. 

How does SquareOne work?

SquareOne has three critical components: on-device software, cloud infrastructure, and an API-driven, cloud-based user interface. These three components allow you to actively mange the device, track device telemetry, and quickly, even automatically, respond to device conditions. SquareOne is compatible with Windows IoT, Linux, and Android, allowing you to manage a heterogeneous system or systems with a single solution.

Who is SquareOne for?

Connected products give your customers greater access to your value, and they allow you greater access to data that can help you serve them better. But connected products also bring a massive spike in complexity. With SquareOne you can manage the complexity by:

  • Keeping your devices up to date with over-the-air updates. With the ability to deploy operating systems, applications, and content, you will reduce the need for costly and slow truck rolls.
  • Increasing your visibility into your device operations. From ensuring only approved devices have access to your system to tracking device telemetry, you will have a full view of your system to address issues and opportunities immediately.
  • Remotely accessing your customers’ devices to deliver great service. Device downtime impacts your customers and your reputation. With a secure channel you can respond to their issues quickly and keep everyone operational.

How do I access SquareOne?

Want to get started with SquareOne? We’ve created the Early Adopter Program (EAP) to help select companies assess the technology. Participants will inform the product roadmap, work directly with the product team and benefit from device management built by operational experts.

If you’re interested in helping lead the next evolution of device management and getting early access to SquareOne, contact us today.

SquareOne will be generally available in Q2 of 2022.