This week in IIoT news, the industry was abuzz with concerns over a lack of data scientists and increasing skills shortage. The Internet of Things Institute and Forbes both recommend data science services to fill in resource gaps and keep an IoT deployment moving forward. In other news, we learned how manufacturers can dabble in IoT with low risk, IoT applications that help track luggage at airports, and the pivotal role leadership plays in a successful IIoT implementation. Enjoy these good reads!! 

Internet of Things Institute and Forbes cover data science skills shortage

IoT data analytics: The rise of as-a-service data scientists – Bsquare’s own Dave McCarthy was interviewed by Internet of Things Institute’s Brian Buntz on the shortage of data scientists and the quick value data science services can bring to any industrial company. (Source Internet of Things Institute)

Oil and gas suffers skills shortage as they drill for data – As the oil and gas industry turns towards cloud-based software solutions and IoT remote devices at greater rates, the industry faces a growing need for talented developers and software architects. This may have a direct impact on how quickly this industry undergoes digital transformation. (Source: Forbes)

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Other IIoT News

Understanding the journey to IoT and big data in operations – When it comes to IoT, businesses typically fall into two categories: (1) those that are 100 percent committed to IoT, and (2) those that have not bought into the idea at all. This article provides hope for those manufacturers that want to dabble in the data without taking a big business risk. (Source: Automation World)

Five transformations shaping airports of the future – Airports are looking for more ways to improve the traveler and worker experience, while simultaneously reducing costs. One such example is the use of IoT for integrated security and passenger processing which can reduce stress, by informing travelers where their luggage is at each leg of the trip. (Source: RE Journals)

Industrial IoT is where the action is – but success will need leadership – To unlock the value from IoT, leaders must look at the whole ecosystem of their organization to see the complete picture of what is possible. IoT could mean a revolutionary change in the way businesses and cities operate but it needs leaders who are willing to understand the opportunity/challenges and then work with others to implement it. (Source: IoT Tech News)