If you are a regular reader of our weekly updates, then you know that IoT continues to gain traction in an infinite number of industrial environments. This week’s round-up shares new developments in many of these markets, including manufacturing, oil & gas, construction, healthcare, and maritime freight. We also include a fascinating piece on how simple electronic IoT stickers can turn just about anything into a smart device. Enjoy this week’s list of must-read news! 


Industrial IoT: How connected things are changing manufacturing – IIoT has the ability to transform traditional, linear manufacturing supply chains into dynamic, interconnected systems and help to change the way products are made and delivered, making factories more efficient, ensuring better safety for human operators, and, in some cases, saving millions of dollars. This Wired article lays out the key benefits of IoT in manufacturing, including: (1) predictive analytics, (2) location tracking and (3) the leasing model. (Source: Wired)

Electronic IoT stickers turn anything into a smart object – Researchers at Purdue University and the University of Virginia have developed a new fabrication method that makes tiny, thin-film electronic flexible circuits, allowing any object to sense its environment or be controlled from another device. The technique used to create these circuits eliminates several manufacturing steps and the associated costs. (Source: Engineering.com)

Oil & Gas

Automation in oil and gas: An ally, not an enemy – Many in the oil and gas sector are concerned that automation threatens skilled jobs, but this article argues that instead it will bring many benefits and change what tomorrow’s technicians look like. Some benefits of less human involvement include reduced health and safety risk and increased efficiency and accuracy. (Source: Rigzone)


How sensors are building smart jobsite ‘ecosystems’ – Similar to the oil and gas sector, the construction sector is bringing IoT sensors to its job sites, revealing new data and preventing problems before they occur, including (1) protecting workers, (2) preventing damage and loss, and (3) optimizing assets. (Source: Construction Dive)

Other IIoT News

Taking the temperature of IoT for healthcare – Healthcare providers and device makers are all looking to IoT to revolutionize the gathering of healthcare data and the delivery of care itself. But while many of those benefits are already becoming reality, others are still on the drawing board. This article discusses use cases for smart bandages and smart speakers to show that IoT in healthcare still has a long way to go. (Source: Network World)

Maritime industry navigates technology to reshape supply chain – According to new research from ABI Research, maritime suppliers across the value chain will increasingly adopt solutions to address security, overcapacity and accurate cost models. The research also found that global maritime freight transportation revenue is expected to grow from $166 billion in 2017 to more than $205 billion in 2023, which will be driven by technologies best poised to disrupt the maritime shipping industry. (Source: Global Trade Magazine)