The manufacturing industry’s rapid uptake of IoT to grow revenue, reduce costs and compete has been the focus of many industrial articles in 2018 and this past week is no different. This week we learned how these trailblazing businesses are continuing to adopt mature strategies, such as leveraging digital twins to eliminate physical prototypes and how they’re finding the right balance of cloud and edge to achieve the best outcomes. We also learned how the Netherland’s Efteling theme park is using “noise” data to predict ride failure. All of these must-reads are below. Enjoy!


Digital twinning: the next revolution in manufacturing – If you follow IIoT trends, then you most likely have heard of digital twins or the ability to create a digital replica of physical assets for testing and exploration. This article looks at how manufacturers are leveraging digital twins to create fewer physical prototypes, resulting in better products and reaching the go-to-market phase faster. (Source: The Business Times)

Determining the right balance of cloud and edge computing – When implementing an IIoT solution, manufacturers may arrive at the question: “Should we use edge or cloud computing for our deployment?” This article says a combination of cloud and edge computing will make for the most successful IIoT framework. It instructs plants on how to factor in related costs and ROI to avoid losing money and cannibalizing results. (Source: Manufacturing Business Technology)

Oil & Gas

5 ways IIoT will revolutionize the oil and gas industry – Wondering how IIoT is impacting the oil and gas industry? This article details 5 ways IoT gives oil and gas businesses a chance to compete in a commoditized world, including (1) improved operational efficiency, (2) revenue, (3) real-time data, (4) decreased safety risk, and (5) environmental footprint. (Source: IoT for All)


How artificial intelligence is changing construction – This article provides a metaphor for IoT and AI operating together in the construction industry, with IoT as the body – providing both input (data) and output (action) – and AI as the brain – the smart computing and analytics function. The author says this combination will change construction for the long term with new business opportunities and revenue streams as well as different business models and structures. (Source: Construction Equipment Guide)

Other IIoT News

An AI that ‘hears’ machine failure might soon be used for roller coasters – IIoT isn’t just occurring in machines at manufacturing plants. It’s making its way across industries and is even being used by theme parks to prevent downtime on its rides. Learn more about how the team at Efteling theme park wants to predict maintenance needs using “noise” from its rides. (Source: The Next Web)

Monitoring water tower levels with wireless pressure sensors – As municipalities continue to realize the potential benefit of IoT deployments, they are turning to wireless remote monitoring and control systems in their water towers. These systems resemble the architecture of a wired system by using “air wires” created through sensors instead of cabling to measure and transmit the water pressure of the water tower to a remote location. (Source: Sensors Online)