It’s easy to get lost in the weeds of your IIoT program and lose sight of the big picture. This week’s top stories will give you the macro perspective you’ve been missing. The first must-read is an IoT Evolution piece on device management featuring our own Dave McCarthy. Others cover new developments in Industry 4.0, the growing shift from cloud to hybrid systems and more. More on all of this, and more, below.

Bsquare in the news:

When device and data management meet, good things happen in the IoT Bsquare’s Dave McCarthy chatted with IoT Evolution last week about how IoT device management is quickly becoming a hot topic. Read the article to learn the four reasons enterprise IoT projects fail to get off the ground and the pivotal role of a good device management program. (Source: IoT Evolution)

IIoT in Manufacturing

Industrial cloud moving from public to hybrid systems A new survey by ABI Research indicates that manufacturers will move IIoT systems from public cloud to hybrid systems as more storage and processing can be done at the device level. The research found public cloud accounts for almost half of the industrial IoT market share in 2018 (49%), while hybrid cloud systems have just 20%. But by 2023 this script will flip with hybrid cloud systems making up 52% of the IIoT market and public cloud just 25%. Click through to learn more from ABI’s Ryan Martin on what will catalyze this change. (Source: TechTarget)

US manufacturers are lagging on digital transformation, says report – A new report by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a think tank for science and technology policy, concluded that US manufacturers have been slow to adopt digital manufacturing processes or embrace digital transformation. They recommend the creation of regional digital manufacturing hubs and testbeds as well as the introduction of mechanisms encouraging manufacturers to embrace ownership of supply chain digitization. (Source: Enterprise IoT Insights)

The 4th industrial revolution is here – Are you ready? – This article unpacks the definition, promise, and potential peril of the fourth industrial revolution. It also gives the best ways to prepare for it, including investing in technical infrastructure, growing data analyzing capabilities, and developing leaders with skills to manage these dramatic shifts. (Source: Forbes)

IIoT in Oil & Gas

How are digital technologies disrupting the oil and gas industry? – According to this article, rising oil prices and better profit margins are providing oil and gas companies the capital to invest in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, 3D printing, and robotic automation. (Source: IoT Evolution)

Other IIoT News

Forget data science; here are 5 jobs skills required by the IoT In this article, IoT expert, Stacey Higginbotham shares five different job skills that matter when working in IoT including (1) decision-making, (2) IT savvy, (3) six sigma, (4) skilled customer service, and (5) data protection. (Source: Stacey on IoT)

Reality vs. the hype: How to point out the real IIoT – This article says that the savvy companies making the transition to IIoT will reap the most benefits, but it will require some techniques for success, including: (1) doing your homework, (2) having a plan, (3) starting small, and (4) playing the long game. (Source: Machine Design)