IIoT is replacing, re-shaping and re-defining decades’ old processes at industrial businesses in very short amounts of time. This week’s top stories cover the best and brightest uses of IIoT to achieve better business outcomes. Also learn how data sciences services can help businesses excel through the data scientist shortage, the big differences between IoT and IIoT, and more. Enjoy!


How IoT Is expected to influence engineering, manufacturing industries – This article provides three key ways IIoT is improving the manufacturing industry, including heightened visibility. When algorithms run the majority of background work processes, time becomes available to focus on actionable steps and big picture brainstorming. (Source: DZone)

How machine learning can help manufacturing – Machine learning and AI can make a big impact in manufacturing, especially in areas such as short lead-times, timely maintenance, lower machine downtimes, optimized operations, and effective quality control. (Source: IDG)


How AI and IIoT are making the auto industry more aware – With hundreds of hours lost to downtime and thousands of vehicles being recalled, the automotive industry is turning to AI and IIoT to achieve better results. (Source: MachineDesign)

Other IIoT News

Data science services amid a knowledge shortageGartner predicts that the data scientist shortage will hinder 75 percent of organizations from reaching their full potential with IoT through 2020. Data science services—or outsourced data science experts—are helping businesses excel without the trouble of finding, hiring and training in-house experts. (Source: Smart Industry)

The fight to overcome the ‘not sexy’ perception of industrial internet – Companies slow to adopt the industrial internet may have missed an early mover advantage — even if they staved off burning their fingers like some initial adopters. This article explains the benefits of wrapping a company’s physical product with data analytics, supply chain optimization, robotic process automation, digital twins and more. (Source: CIO Dive)

IoT vs IIoT differences you must know – This article breaks down a number of the key differences between IoT and IIoT. It shares how organizations can protect against the unique security risks and threats of each, using authentication, threat detection and more. (Source: IIoT World)