IIoT provides endless customization options. This week’s top stories explore the various paths businesses are taking to integrate IoT with their existing technologies, such as ERP systems, to gain more business-wide value, more quickly. Enjoy this update and other must-read news below.


Integrating IoT and ERP data to achieve performance excellence – Across manufacturers, AI and IoT are transforming ERP systems into enabling technologies that help predict and guide their business to better performance excellence. (Source: IoT Agenda)

Data analytics is more evolutionary than revolutionary – Are you finding it difficult to get your IT and operations teams to work together? An integrator might be the key to your IIoT deployment success. Integrators can help lead key discussions and get technologies working that are already in place. (Source: Automation World)


Logistics and delivery – Embracing the IoT before it was ‘IoT’ – IoT disruption has taken a different path in every vertical due to differing levels of technology maturity. This article claims that compared to other verticals, transportation, logistics and warehousing have been advanced, automated, optimized, and connected for years. (Source: Network World)

Other IIoT News

When worlds collide: Understanding emerging IT/OT convergence – Want to learn more about IT/OT convergence, and how to utilize it for your organization? This article highlights the benefits and challenges of unifying IT and OT, and provides steps businesses can take to integrate systems without disrupting current operations. (Source: IoT Agenda)

IIoT edge is a moving target – Edge computing happens in an IIoT system wherever it needs to happen. The business needs for an IIoT system—or one layer of that system—will determine when and where the computing happens. This article breaks down the latest report from the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), and helps explain why no one can consistently say what IIoT edge computing should look like because it varies based on business needs. (Source: Semiconductor Engineering)