Frost & Sullivan this week unveiled some of the biggest drivers behind the rise of IoT-enabled manufacturing execution systems (MES), including the adoption of cloud computing and data analytics in distinct industry applications. Another article from CIO discusses how manufacturers are embracing AI to improve efficiency, product quality and safety of employees. These and other great reads are below.


Fresh data: Cloud computing drives uptake in manufacturing IoT – Looking for insights on the latest industry research to accelerate your business? This article highlights a new report by Frost & Sullivan showing integrated software applications that plan, schedule, track, direct, and implement operations are gaining in popularity in manufacturing. (Source: RTInsights)

5 ways industrial AI is revolutionizing manufacturing – In no other sector is artificial intelligence having more of an impact than on manufacturing, and the revolution is just beginning. Learn how manufacturers are applying AI-powered analytics to drive better business outcomes. (Source: CIO)

Be wise: Using the IIoT to servitize (and future-proof) your business – IIoT has gained huge traction in the manufacturing industry. As a result, new revenue-generating business opportunities have opened up for traditional manufacturers. (Source: IndustryWeek)


Four ways the internet of things can impact lives – Did you know 87 percent of Americans have no idea what IoT is? This article discusses four ways IoT is impacting lives in less obvious ways, including safety on construction sites. (Source: Sensors)

Other IIoT News

Industrial IoT faces big challenges – The road to a true IIoT revolution does not come without obstacles. This opinion piece examines how IIoT requires ultra-high reliability, always-on availability and extremely low latency, which makes it the most challenging IoT genre to implement. (Source: Network World)