Looking for some guidance for your IoT program? You’re in luck! IoT For All released a list of key considerations for selecting an IoT platform. If you’re past this stage, then you might want to check out the Industrial Internet Consortium’s new resource hub. Here, project managers and system architects will find solutions for their most pressing issues. Other top stories last week detailed the top tech trends in manufacturing (and how to capitalize on them), and explored how IoT can help prevent plant and oil refinery disasters. Dive into these must-reads and more below.


Four key technology trends and how companies can capitalize on them – Take a closer look at the areas of IoT, AR/VR, mobile and generative design, and find out how software companies can best capitalize on the opportunities they present for the manufacturing sector. (Source: Manufacturing.net)

Oil & Gas

Industrial IoT intelligence aims to save lives by preventing disasters – Vendors pioneering IIoT infrastructure are looking to help prevent disasters at plant and oil refineries through automation, real-time embedded systems, virtualization, and artificial intelligence, which could save lives as well as billions of dollars in disaster damage. (Source: PCMag)

Other IIoT News

IIC launches IoT Resource Hub – The Industrial Internet Consortium has introduced a resource hub to kickstart IIoT projects. The hub includes a web-based tool called IIoT Project Explorer, which guides users through the analysis and planning of their own IIoT projects. (Source: Design News)

Getting started with the digital twin – Explore a session at the IoT Solutions World Conference that highlights several real-world digital twin applications and learn how to determine the best place to begin using this technology in your facility. (Source: Automation World)

Top five considerations when choosing an IoT platform – Determining the best IoT platform and service provider to suit your business’ needs is no easy task. Check out these five considerations to help you narrow it down: (1) focus on time-to-value, (2) ensure the platform is reusable across products, (3) select a future-proof IoT platform, (4) ensure your IoT data will be application agnostic, and (5) don’t overcommit to one compute scenario. (Source: IoT For All)