With 2019 fast approaching, it’s time to place bets on what will happen in the IIoT market in the year ahead. While Bsquare will be unveiling its predictions soon, others this past week have made some bold and exciting claims that should not be overlooked. Deloitte suggests that M2M, IoT and AI’s reliance on the internet will soon become a thing of the past as edge computing goes from wish to reality. IDC also doubles down on its position that data scientists are critical for extracting value from mounting volumes of IoT data. More on these predictions and other key stories below. Enjoy!


Smart machines, pervasive intelligence key for Industry 4.0 and beyond – A new Deloitte report examines the part AI may play as a catalyst for change in the manufacturing sector. The firm predicts that as AI moves from data centers to devices themselves, technologies like M2M, IoT, and AI will not need to rely on Internet connectivity in order to function. (Source: ZDNet)

Oil & Gas

How the oil industry can benefit from IoT technology – IoT applications in the oil industry could potentially mitigate the worst effects of oil spills. One IoT innovation in particular, underwater communication systems, could alert oil rigs and engineers of inadequacies under the shore alerting them that something could be wrong before a catastrophe occurs. (Source: IoT For All)

Transportation & Fleet Management

How will industry 4.0 impact supply chain network? – As Industry 4.0 sweeps across the supply chain, it will have a significant impact on everyone involved by providing innovative insights, improving transparency, decreasing linearity, introducing stronger relationships and collaboration, and reducing transaction and operating costs. (Source: ReadWrite)


The impact of IoT on the commercial real estate industry – You may have heard that IoT is providing business benefits to those in the commercial real estate industry, but did you know that IoT has also affected the very construction of buildings? This article explains how connected devices are increasing efficiency in construction, building management, and tenant satisfaction. (Source: IoT For All)

Other IIoT News

IDC: Data scientists are key to reaping IoT value in 2019 – IDC outlines how the key to creating real business value from IoT data in 2019 will require having data scientists at every step of IoT implementation. (Source: Network World)

Internet of things in 2019: Five predictions – Forrester shares its top predictions for IoT in 2019, including IoT as an umbrella term will disappear and a market for IoT managed services will emerge. (Source: TechRepublic)