I hope you enjoyed last week’s roundup covering digital twins, smart factories and more. This week revealed several more important developments in the IIoT space: IoT is helping smart factories save energy, oil and gas companies are doubling down on IoT investments and IoT is making its way to the offshore drilling and tobacco industries. Keep reading to learn more:


How does the IoT help save energy for today’s smart factory? – Manufacturers are using IoT-based monitoring systems to track energy consumption right from the source all the way to the consumption point. This type of monitoring enables real-time energy audits, a move that can save money, but also makes way for true implementation of Industry 4.0. (Source: Electronic Design)

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies increasingly invest in clean tech, analytics, IoT – New data from CB Insights shows an uptick in oil and gas companies investing in new technologies, such as IoT and analytics, that offer the potential to enhance operations. The data is derived from investment activity across large companies the oil and gas industry’s value chain. (Source: Businessworld)

Other IIoT News

IIoT early adopters are onto something – Wondering how IIoT is applied across various industries? Learn how a university, offshore driller, and tobacco company are leveraging IIoT to operate multiple generations of equipment and systems. (Source: Plant Services)

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