Are you ready for the era of real-time data? This week, IDC released a new white paper that predicts data generated in real-time will reach nearly 30 percent in 2025. Some industries are already seeing results from the changing ‘global datasphere.’ The transportation industry, for example, is embracing new space and IoT data to reach better levels of efficiency. This week manufacturers also learned which tech-driven solutions are worthy of their investment. These stories and more are included below. Enjoy!


The IIC announces results for Smart Manufacturing Connectivity Testbed – Looking for a way to connect sensors to an IT system using existing infrastructure and without affecting real-time operations? Find out how TE Connectivity and SAP SE did just that in decades old manufacturing facilities in the Industrial Internet Consortium’s latest testbed: Smart Manufacturing Connectivity for Brown-field Sensors. (Source: IoT Evolution)

Six tech-driven manufacturing solutions that are worth the investment – An IoT integration solution is among the top innovative technologies for manufacturers due to its ability to cut down on production costs and optimize a facility for security, energy efficiency and convenience all at once. Research from Forbes Insights revealed that nearly half (45 percent) of executives identified IoT-enabled manufacturing as a key priority for their enterprise. (Source: Forbes)


The future of smart transport – Did you know that with satellite technology, more reliable data can be collected to create smart transport? Space data and new IoT technology is revolutionizing the transportation industry in areas such as road maintenance, package delivery, traffic, public transport, and more. (Source: IoT Evolution)

Other IIoT News

By 2025, nearly 30 percent of data generated will be real-time, IDC says – IDC released a new white paper that highlights how as global connectivity grows, allowing more data to be generated and collected, a growing portion of that data will be real-time information. IDC predicts the amount of real-time data generated will jump from 17 percent in 2017 to nearly 30 percent in 2025. The report advises enterprises looking to improve customer experience and grow market share to have the data infrastructure that can meet this growth in real-time data. (Source: ZDNet)

How to succeed in IoT implementations: Keep it real, keep it open, keep it agnostic – This article provides an argument for agnostic platforms, protocols and devices as key factors in successful IoT implementations. In the world of connected things, being agnostic is no easy task, which explains the many non-profit organizations, standards bodies, consortiums and working groups thriving in the space. (Source: IoT Evolution)