2018 may be coming to an end, but the era of IIoT is clearly just beginning. This week’s top stories offer guidance for industries preparing to integrate IIoT, including the keys to a successful IoT strategy, best practices for overcoming IIoT data challenges, and how to use IIoT to enhance the value of legacy assets. Check out these stories and more below!


Preparing to integrate IIoT – New advances in technology are making it more cost-effective for industries to deploy IIoT, but to ensure successful deployment, industrial organizations will need to be strategic in their approach to integrating new sensor data with pre-existing data environments. (Source: ManufacturingTomorrow)

Oil & Gas

An Internet of things turns to the right – Explore the top rig innovations of 2018 from the industry leaders who are improving performance by collecting every conceivable piece of data about a rotary rig’s operation, and in real time sieving it down to useable, actionable information. (Source: World Oil)

Other IIoT News

AI’s potential to transform cars, food and healthcare – Discover how the automotive, manufacturing/food production and health insurance industries are embracing data analytics and artificial intelligence, often through IIoT innovations, and the benefits each are realizing. (Source: IndustryWeek)

DZone research: IoT success factors – To understand the current and future state of IoT, DZone spoke to more than a dozen IT executives active in the space. Here’s what they had to say when asked, “What are the keys to a successful IoT strategy?” (Source: DZone)

Best practices for overcoming IIoT data challenges – With potentially hundreds of thousands of endpoints collecting internal and external IoT data, managing your IIoT environment can start to feel like tricky business. Use these best practices to counter challenges that can arise quickly when managing an IIoT environment, including IoT-network scaling, lack of support, data protection and security. (Source: Data Center Journal)

Only the beginning for IIoT – Explore how companies are using IIoT to enhance the value of legacy assets as well as build connections to the cloud for greater data sharing and analysis. (Source: Supply & Demand Chain Executive)