I hope you enjoyed last week’s roundup covering smart factories, cleantech in oil & gas and other interesting IIoT use cases. Several more important developments came to light this past week: new applications of IoT in manufacturing plants, an updated definition of Industry 4.0, revised standards from the IIC and more. So in no particular order, below are some of the most interesting IIoT stories from the past week:


Applications of IoT in manufacturing plants – Manufacturing organizations looking to explore the best application of IoT for their business have so many options. This article details five key areas to consider: digital twins, supply chain management, self-dependent systems, workshop mirroring and smart pumping. (Source: Manufacturer.com)

What is Industry 4.0? Everything you need to know – Have you heard the term ‘Industry 4.0’ but never stopped to learn what it really means? It’s not too late.  This article provides an overview of Industry 4.0 including background information, the latest news, why 4.0 instead of 3.0 or 2.0, who started it, how it fits into the greater IoT picture and how much it is worth. (Source: TechRadar)

Transportation & Fleet Management

Why for vehicle telematics, cellular IoT is the only option – With new cellular networks rolling out, more vertical industries are adopting cellular IoT as the most viable solution for IoT connectivity. This is especially true for the aftermarket telematics industry – including fleet management – that require greater range and coverage than WiFi and Bluetooth offer. (Source: IoT Tech News)

Other IIoT News

The 15 problems to avoid on your digital transformation journey – The first step toward successful IIoT implementation is to recognize that your project can be quite complex and a lot more involved than just swapping old stand-alone equipment with more modern equipment capable of advanced data collection, analysis, and integration via the internet. Take a look at these 15 pitfalls to avoid in IIoT implementation. (Source: Plant Services)

Industrial IoT: Consortium sets out new IoT security benchmarks – The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), a global industry organization dedicated to furthering expertise in industrial internet deployments, just put out their latest guidance for IIoT organizations. The latest guidelines explore effective ways to secure IoT projects. (Source: Internet of Business)