We hope you enjoyed last week’s roundup, where we learned about a new manufacturing testbed from the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the increasing demand for data scientists in the transportation sector and more. This week, Google brought its Android IoT operating system out of beta testing and Microsoft developed a cloud-based smart building solution. New research from Inmarsat also found that the energy sector is using IoT to improve revenue. These and other interesting IIoT stories from the past week are below:


Finding the right fit with your cloud manufacturing software technology – Are you a manufacturing company that has heard everyone talking about the cloud, but wondering why you should care? In this article, Diego Tamburini, Principal Industry Lead Azure Manufacturing, Microsoft, pulls back the curtain on why and how manufacturing companies should take advantage of cloud.  (Source: Advanced Manufacturing)

Oil & Gas

The energy sector looks to IoT to streamline operational costs and boost profits, finds Inmarsat – Global mobile satellite company, Inmarsat, shares its latest research which found that global energy companies are actively investing in IoT technologies to optimize their operations and streamline business strategies. Their primary aim has been to reduce expenditure, increase profit and improve workforce productivity. (Source: Oil & Gas Technology)

Transportation & Fleet Management

Verizon aims to be much more than a phone company – Verizon just completed its 11-city trial run of its 5G network and is preparing for the next phase, which could help build on its residential and commercial internet service. Keen to move into the emerging market that is IoT (both consumer and commercial) it aims to serve as the backbone for IoT.  (Source: The Motley Fool)

Other IIoT News

Google’s Android IoT operating system is out of beta testing – Google revealed that it’s bringing its Android Things IoT operating system out of the beta testing phase, allowing all developers to use it for the first time. Android Things is a fully managed OS that enables customers to manage and design apps for their IoT projects through a software development kit and is particularly well suited for industrial manufacturers. (Source: Business Insider)

How China is driving Industrial IoT application growth – If you are curious about the global status of IIoT growth, then you should check out this article, which explores worldwide information and communications technology spending. This includes new technologies such as IoT solutions, robots and drones, AR/VR headsets and 3D printers. (Source: Telecoms Tech)