In our last news roundup we learned that Microsoft developed a cloud-based smart building solution and that the energy sector is now using IoT to improve revenue. Since then we’ve seen some interesting IoT news at the policy level, including a bill directing the U.S. Department of Commerce to study IoT devices and a mandate for Positive Train Control (PTC) to improve safety with IIoT. We also uncovered some new tips to help manufacturers better leverage their IoT data and some new benefits and challenges of IIoT. In no particular order, here are some of the most interesting IIoT stories we’ve seen recently:


Smart manufacturing technology is changing business processes – According to technology futurist and consultant Jack Shaw, there is a better way to replace plane parts thanks to smart manufacturing technology and AI-enabled business processes and systems. Imagine if these combined technologies, starting with an IIoT sensor trigger and ending with a 3D printed part, could replace a worn out part with no human intervention and in a matter of minutes. This article details the process and outlines the steps necessary to get there. (Source: TechTarget)

What manufacturers should do with IoT data once they gather it – If you are a manufacturing company working on an IoT project, then you likely have gathered plenty of data – maybe even more than you know what to do with. IoT is a highly flexible and adaptable tool that caters to several individual needs, and this article highlights four potential uses for your data to get you started: (1) improve production through automation, (2) bolster safety and security, (3) enhance the supply chain and (4) strengthen the customer experience. (Source:

Transportation & Fleet Management

US House bill would direct Commerce Department to study IoT devices – In an effort to update regulations to match the technologies of the last century, U.S. lawmakers are discussing a new bill called The State of Modern Application, Research and Trends of IoT Act. The bill would direct the U.S. Department of Commerce to conduct a study of IoT devices and produce a report outlining suggested regulations, best practices and guidelines for the industry. (Source: Smart Cities Dive)

PTC and the Industrial IoT – As mandated by Congress, Positive Train Control (PTC) will use IIoT to prevent train-to-train collisions, derailments caused by excessive speed, unauthorized incursions by trains onto sections of track where maintenance activities are occurring and the movement of a train through a track switch left in the wrong position. (Source: Railway Age)

Other IIoT News

The Most Important Benefits and Challenges of Industrial IoT –  Many companies aren’t sure where to begin with their IIoT deployment or which automated processes will contribute to the highest increase in effectiveness. Despite the fact that IIoT presents many challenges, especially for those just starting out, the benefits are huge, resulting in computer-enhanced vehicles that transmit relevant information, better fleet management, geo-intelligence, relevant predictive knowledge and decreased unplanned downtime. (Source: IoT for All)

Soil to sale, ranch to register: IoT connects producers, distributors, retailers and consumers – IoT is making a big  impact in a growing number of industries and wineries are no exception. From growing the grapes to creating more sales, Hahn Family Wines is leveraging IoT to help improve their growing conditions and overall operations by using the data collected to make more intelligent decisions. (Source: Network World)